About medals on Marathons


Me and Atani, and Kinryuu discussed about medals about marathons, but found that there are no exact criteria of marathon medals. So, if anyone know what are some criteria, please reply, I really want to get medals! (heh)


Everyone above 20 (?) cubes in marathon gets badge for marathon if im not mistaken.


June was wondering about silver marathon vs gold marathon. As best as I can tell, they just issue a blanket marathon badge now.

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ah, those are no longer valid/existing. the bronze/silver/gold were the first marathon badges issued in 2014 like trivia bronze/silver/gold. And were given: top #% = gold, top #% below that silver, then bronze. At some point both marathon and trivia “coloured” badges were replaced with a universal badge for each, for trivia for the 3 top (i believe) for marathon for anyone who makes the required 20 (I think) cubes.


Oh great! Thx Nik!

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yep, this is correct. We could bring back tiered medals if there is interest.


It would be good, I guess!