Ability to Mark AI Errors

I’m not sure how doable this would be but it would be nice to have a color to mark when the AI has made an overt error. 

I was just working on a cube that the AI (excuse my language — a scientist I am not!) added a blob.  Clearly unrelated.  If I could have colored those blocks to indicate to the team that the AI has messed up, it might help.

Just a thought.

Hi Wallrue,

If there’s a big merger (when the AI adds a blob that does not belong) you can report it to us by giving us the Cube number.  To get that type /debug into the chat window.  It’ll open a little window in the upper left that’ll have that information.  If it’s a little merger it’s ok to leave it, just try not to make it worse by adding stuff to the merger.

How to tell if it’s a big or small merger?  Does the blob touch the edge of the cube?  That makes it a big bad merger.   The reason that type is bad is that it’ll continue the merger into other cubes.  And then the GrimReaper will have to come out.