Ability to hide and unhide player-added parts in 3D view

It would be nice if we can hide certain parts we add to look what’s behind it or to check whether there’s a tiny gap between the player-added part and the AI part. I tried deleting and adding back parts in the 2D slice but sometimes it gets really confusing and tedious to find out which part corresponds to which part in the 3D view (especially when you already decided that one part of a branch is “correct” and then move on to another branch). It would be quicker to just hide and unhide instead.

Hi rockzen97,

This is an interesting idea, but I guess I’d ask you to design the feature a little further…  How would the user signify that they want something hidden and unhidden?

We could implement this into the explore mode. 

  • It could work the same way the CTRL + click works to erase. Holding down the H key while clicking different parts will hide them.
  • Pressing Alt + H will unhide all the parts.
For more intuitiveness (its not entirely necessary):
  • Have a small translucent tab to track the number of hidden parts. Clicking on the tab will expand it and show the position of the current hidden parts that corresponds to their positions in the real 3D view in the form of a mini 3D view. Clicking a particular part in the tab will unhide it selectively. Click the tab again to minimise it.

Would the user be clicking to hide in the 2d view or the 3d view or both?  Also, did you know that you can remove stuff by clicking on it in the 3d view?  CTRL + Left Click will remove things that you click on in either view.

Scratch what I said, let’s make it simpler. H+Left click a certain part to reduce opacity to 10% - 20%. U+Left click will selectively revert the opacity back to normal. Alt+H to revert all parts back to normal opacity. This happens in the 3D view only. I don’t see the point in hiding parts in the 2D view.

Yeah, I knew that CTRL + Left click in the 3D view works and I just found out that CTRL + Z does undo too. I could probably remove and undo to kinda have a pseudo"hide" feature for one part at a time. It’ll still be nice to have the ability to do it for multiple parts especially when there’s mergers.