A More Helpful Overview

I would like some sort of keyboard toggling between the Overview and my last workspace - all at the same orientation and scale.  I do not want the Overview to immediately zoom out and zoom back in with a fresh orientation.  If this is a "game," I'd like some instant feedback, not questioning how repetitive Overview calls are helping me or not.  If this is serious science, I'd like the best possible feedback.  Please also show the cube outline each time I call up an Overview snapshot.

Now that I have a fast computer and a fast internet, switching back to Overview to inspect my work (repeatedly) is frustrated by the RAPID change of view.  I want to look for pieces I've added that are NOT in the Overview scene (Is this a correct way to look for my errors?).  Also, I must look for pieces I have missed to that point.


Hi Johnnie,

Thanks for your suggestions! I understand that when toggling between the overview and cube that the position/angle can be changed and be frustrating. We’ve certainly discussed trying to stabilize the cube transitions. I’ve also heard that providing a different angle of a segment can sometimes help one find a missing trace.

In the meantime, there is something that will reduce the zooming in/out transitions that occur between each cube.  You can do this by clicking on the Settings gear wheel icon. There is a box you can uncheck called “Animate Cube Transitions”.  I find this is particularly useful to disable.

Your suggestion to maintain a wireframe cube around the cube/task you are “playing” in overview is awesome. I’ll talk to the devs about that.

We’re always trying to improve tracing for players - one suggestion has been to show the parent branch for your cube. 

Remember, the overview is a consensus of what each player has submitted. So not all the segments visible or invisible are always correct. We ask that you submit what YOU think is correct.  We try to give you as much feedback as we can without causing bias in the data.  We don’t have the right answer, which is why we ask you to help us find the correct one.


Hi, even if you can’t do a full wire frame (which would be awesome!), when I hit Esc, I would love to see the portion of the neuron that I am working on shown in a different color from the rest of the neuron in the overview, with the seed portion one color and my added portions another color.


Hi Kinryuu,

Admins and scythes have an advanced ability that highlights a selected cube in the overview (as per your suggestion). However, this is for direct cube selection and the reaping process. I’m not sure if the code applies to randomly assigned cubes during normal play mode. Definitely something to ponder about with the rest of the team. Thank you for the suggestion!