3rd Happy Hour?

Hi all!

I was wondering if y’all’d be willing to consider making the 2nd friday HH that occurs a during a competition an every week thing. I think it would help to “spread the wealth” for HH’s.

As it stands now the current HH schedules are at 8a Boston time on thurs with makes it 1pm for london, 9pm for seoul, and 5am for San Diego. The other is at 2p Boston time on friday which is 7pm for London, 3am for seoul, and 11am for San Diego. That leaves a bit of a gap that a lot of the american players cannot participate in as they are either asleep or at work, lol

So if the competition HH time of 10pm Boston time was made permanent, that would make it be 3am at London, 11am in Seoul, and 7pm San Diego time. I think it would fill the gap nicely :slight_smile:

I know that no one wants to stay up that late to award points but I don’t think anyone would mind waiting to receive them and y’all could do it the next day, and maybe y’all could make the awarding of HH bonuses automatic, although I don’t know how difficult that would be to do.

Thank you and cheers!

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Yes please! Great Idea! Being on the West coast I seldom can make the Happy Hours!


Hi Atani,

Good suggestion, I think another Happy Hour would be enjoyable for many. However, I think that we (admins) may want to have some automation metrics put into place, as you suggested, before putting out another Happy Hour. We’ll discuss this at HQ :slight_smile:


All I ask is for y’all to consider it :blush:

Much appreciated!

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I didn’t even know there were 2 HHs a week!! Or maybe alternate among convenient times for large blocs of players? I don’t mind a delay or automation.

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lol, there’s your normal friday 2-4pm edt/est one and the thursday hh 180 one which is 8-10am edt/est. :slight_smile:

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