3d Big Eraser

Is it possible to have a big 3d eraser in cases we have to erase large wrong portions of the 3d cube? I’m thinking there could be a button for this in the side button thingy.

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Ooh, an ability to rectangle select and delete multiple 3-d segments like in Blender or Onshape would be really cool

I think deleting would be more useful, but I guess…

I recall someone (gala?) asking for something similar a while back, with click drag erasing in 3D rather than having to click each individual segment. I don’t think it was possible with the framework we had at that point, and it seems unlikely that it would change.

(but if there’s a way to get that in NEO…)

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Yeah, I would love that. Had to erase some big segments today. took 10-15 min

sometimes it is faster to just start the remove everything and start the trace from scratch instead of removing only the wrong segments

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I was the one who suggested it, but they brought up what I said to them in the chat.