2D Panning

I found out that you can zoom in the 2D view with alt+scroll, but it’s not very useful because you can only see the center of where you’re zooming. Please add panning so I can see the rest of the 2D zoomed in.

Well alt+scroll is not an eyewire feature, it is a browser feature which is why it is not "supported’ by eyewire with a pan. I don’t know if they intent to create an eyewire 2D zoom and pan feature but so far I have not had the need to use it. If the slides are blurry I just usually click in a bunch of different segments and then proceed to delete/deselect those that are clearly wrong until I am left with those I can be sure are correct.

I would find a supported zoom useful as there are points when I want to see where the contrast lies up close.

Thanks for the suggestion! I know that some other players have suggested this as well.  The dataset has only the set resolution you currently see. so the further you zoom in, the more the pixelated and blurry the image becomes. We’ve found it doesn’t really help too much with defining the lines and contrasting the pixels.