"20 Point" - Cube

Hi folks,

Sometimes i trace a big cube and only get 20 points for it. Since i know that the points are callculated between “time spent” (accumulates up to 20 Points), the accuracy and the amount that had been traced. I guess if i only get 20 Points for tracing a large cube this means i did something so badly wrong even the AI understands it.

So my request would be, that eyewire tells me what i did wrong (maybe color in the definetly wrong part) and that the accuarcy of this cursed cube wont be added to overall accuracy of the week.

Best Regards

It may not be your mistake.

It may be that you traced something correctly that others missed, like a whole branch and/or nub(s).

If what you traced is correct and you took 20 points for it, it means that it is probably a missing branch in consensus which means that sooner or later scouts/scythes/admins, someone will find it and add it in. Whereas you won’t gain extra points for this, your accuracy will increase/stay safe.

This video contains some more detailed information on under/over colouring and why it is not always a bad thing to have a slight amount of either of those two. (Emphasis on slight :P)


Also Silet, we’re working on a way to give more feedback to people than just points.  It’ll be a bit though.

I always thought a 20-point cube was akin to a participation trophy in kids sports.