2 new TM scripts: Hide Top Buttons & Make the Overview Panel Movable



Here are 2 newest Tampermonkey scripts, I’ve made.

First was suggested by @randompersonjci and it allows to hide (through the Settings panel) selected buttons from the top menu (like Forum, Blog, FAQ, etc.).


The second one was suggested by @Nseraf and it makes the overview panel (the one with the Start Playing button) movable. You can drag the panel wherever you want and it’ll stay there, even after refreshing.



omg!! tytytytytytytyy!! xD (yeah ik i said that in chat as well :stuck_out_tongue: )

Do you have any idea since when i’ve wanted to have start playing/cell change near scouts’ tools so i don’t have to move mouse all over the place to start playing/inspect/reap? xD

now that’s what i’m talkin’ abt :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I used the 2nd script for literally 30 seconds, and I already broke Eyewire xD
I feel sorry for people without scout’s log lol


Just don’t drag the thing past the leaderboard, or refresh after.


“You can drag the panel wherever you want and it’ll stay there, even after refreshing.” (KrzysztofKruk, 2017)
But yeah, don’t drag it beyond the leaderboard lol


Yeah, I’m sure KK meant within the screen, not to another world beyond it :stuck_out_tongue:


cool! this is great!

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