Your ideas to get more people engaged


Oh dear, it looks like the links to the awesome image Joseerre posted are no longer working.  Here's the skater again

Has anyone found any awesome new images?


Are you still wanting to attract new users? If so, I'd suggest even a minimal amount of personal welcome or feedback to new members. It's easy to feel like an intruder & an idiot. 

Since this could be a lot of work, maybe a compromise would be reaching out to new members who have stuck with it for minimal amount of time or who have reached a minimal level of proficiency. 

I've seen a lot of posts from new members who are wondering whether they're being helpful or just making things worse by making mistakes. 

To do that efficiently, I suppose you'd have to identify which "online" players are new. That way, the general membership could take a moment to say hello. 


the llama! ^.^


Ahahaha!  A bug that acts like a feature!


I see this is an old thread but attracting new members is always a good idea. I heard about the site from the interview on NPR.
If you could get this into medical schools it would be a good start for the people that would like to make a career of looking for cancer cells or what we are doing tracing out the nerves. I saw a suggestion of teams maybe get one school to compete against another school.


Definitely a badge/achivement system. For example..

finished the tutorial
get 10/100/500/1000  at 100%
finish 10/100/500/1000

And ranks would be cool aswell. Just something to keep you motivated.


Make a little less stupid AI that allow very uninteresting gaps in fillings. I'll leave project because this now.


I have 2 ideas (they are a lot to ask):
1) be able to customize the personal account by allowing people to: 1) write a blurb about themselves and 2) show their fav neuron pic (through ew snapshots, so it's not a random pic)
2) also a chat bot, like an upgrade of nkem_test, where if you say hi to it, it'll say hi back and hold conversations and such in a pm.


Thanks! We’ve added this to our feature todo list :slight_smile:

  1. if they add the feature, a hacker player will “upgrade” it so we can add whatev pic we want.
  2. a bot that makes convo? if they can create a sentient bot they can patent it and solve all of their badget probs :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not that good of a hacker, but it should just be snapshots they can only take through the website. Like a camera button.