What is the best tip you've received in EyeWire?


2 tips for me :
Always overpainting for blackspill, then remove useless branches and find the right curves in 3D view ! It helps a lot to understand the shape :wink:

using Z plane for misalignement, you can find the good misaligned part easier :slight_smile:


The tips to better at scout!:joy:


Sounds simple, but check all the planes


Was probably the single most helpful thing I have learned since I started tracing


ALWAYS verify your 2D trace in the 3D view. You'll very often find false piece to remove !


The two best pieces of advice was given to me by @Atani, when I was a newcomer (although so many people have helped me, and I'm grateful to everybody!).

  • Forget the accuracy score and points for now, and focus on how a neuron feels, how it's supposed to be - or not (smooth surfaces, jagged parts etc) until I get the hang of it. It really, really improved my performance, almost immediately.
  • Use the arrows to switch planes in 2D view. SO useful!


Not a tip that I rec'd, but something I've found helps...

I've found it really helpful to focus on motion. Hold down shift, then move up and down rapidly to get the feel for where the cell is going. Color as needed, then check motion again, making sure there are no abrupt jumps. I find this faster than fiddling with the 3D, except for final check.


By hawaiisunfun: best settings to start EW with:
1) No volume
2) no cube transitions
3) high plane and paint opacity
4) no leaderboard after cube


Fastest way to complete cells:
1) /debug to find cell id
2) /debug to hide debug
3) /sc-info cell id 95
4) press esc to get out of cube - faster
6) use the command tab to prevent it from getting lost in the chat


randompersonjci - showed me how to use tampermonkey to change my name.
KrzysztofKruk - said to use /pm to run script


I would refrain from using SC-info to get a list of cubes to complete and then just work through that list because ideally you're still going down a branch and sc-info lists cubes by order of creation, which is more likely to skip around branches and stuff.

It's useful for finding all of the remaining cubes to complete when there aren't many left, but when there's 100+, try to work with branches rather than relying on the command to find cubes.


In my opinion, changing the paint color often really helps you a lot maintaining the eye always alert during tracing! :grinning:


This is a pretty weird tip, but you can get a performance boost by simply zooming in the webpage! The resolution of the 3D decreases as you zoom in, so less detail is rendered. Likewise, you can get more detail in the 3D by zooming out, but beware, it might crash the tab if you zoom out too much.


I think it is very useful that you can delete wrong parts by right-clicking directly into the 3D-view, because you often see only in the 3D-view that you are tracing a wrong neuron.
Before I knew it I always clicked at the wrong branches and tried to remove them in 2D, but sometimes occasionally removing some right part…

Congrats Bot

I just learned something new today that’ll help so many people. Sometimes my cubes load so slowly that they freeze. The remedy? Just zoom the cube out so it’s really small. It’ll let it load quickly at that small size. When it’s done loading, then the cube can be zoomed back to normal to be worked on.


annkri: “if you have trouble with seeing if there is a extension or not try to get another viewpoint in a overlapping cube”


when a cube loads, the plane always lands where the work is


lands near seed. seed may be complete and need no further work.


Ctrl + z undoes work when reaping


best spec’s for eyewire: 64GB ram, 100mpbs internet, and intel i7 processor (can’t take credit for this, except for the internet part, the rest was from @Nseraf)