Update on scoring, accuracy, and Review Mode/Activity Tracker situation


Yes, the only reason any of us here are talking about spawn weight increase is because of how the new consensus threshold might promote more mergers. But that itself is (see top of thread) originally being discussed because of how we need to make certain changes in order to fix the discrepancy between Review Mode and Activity Tracker. We're going to try and change only what we need or what we can tell should have at least some positive effect, but there's this long chain of dependencies at play! I wouldn't worry about weight cap changes or spawn weight reduction for now.


I have some "first use" feedback, on the scoring update, for lv2 cells.

There is indeed an increase of mergers in lv2 cells (1v1 no longer removes but adds) but the good thing is so far the increase in mergers has not meant "OMG RUN CARPETS EVERYWHERE!" but rather a 100%+ (if not more) increase in dupe cubes, for example I woke up today to 6+ dupe cubes in a single cell lol, which in my book is a good thing or the lesser of a worse evil lol.

I think if the update had been implemented without the duplicate function in place it'd have been a complete nightmare lol making the increase in spawn wt for lv2s a requirement, but (whilst I dunno what others think) I think so far with more dupes rather than more uncontrollably spawning mergers lv2 spawn wt can remain as is, imho.

If in lv2s we can reap from wt 1 (tb mergers) (officially allowed so from HQ) it'll go a nice way into having less dupes in lv2s.


Thanks for the feedback, Nik! I'm glad to know the duplicate detector is helpful. If things continue in this pattern then perhaps we can discuss reaping TB mergers if a majority of Scythes would like it.