Show Off Your Eyewire Swag!


I hope I do! :smile:


It has arrived! No stickers, though, I'm sad. :frowning2:


got my cool reaper hood swag today


Nice! Looks amazing! :smile:


Awesome! And I'm sorry, but we usually ship direct from the supplier so no stickers (random's mug was a special case). I can however, mail you some separately in an envelope. Would you like some Eyewire logo and brain stickers, Xnopyt?


@susi already volunteered to send some, but at the risk of sounding greedy absolutely sticker-crazed, sure, why not? :stuck_out_tongue:


In fact, the stickers arrived! (two logo stickers, one of which is on my laptop) They also came with a nice card.


The scythes always win the stickers because of their point bonuses. I want stickers too!! Give me Stickers a chance!


more like we win the stickers b/c we play a lot lol. most scythes can make 50k+ (++++) without reaping lol. But play and you are destined to earn some sooner or later :slight_smile:


not until you stop playing, I won't


lol, nah plenty have won stickers and swag, some scythes some not. :slight_smile:


If you say so...


Yay, stickers arrived won in eyewire winter games.
Thanks a lot! :smile_cat:


Impatient to get mine !


Woo I just got mine yesterday!


Got mine too!


Mine just today same time my new wide screen !

The logo one will sooooo fit on my car xD

A big thanks to you @susi for my first stickers ! and HQ (devon ?) for sending them !


my pleasure :slight_smile:


Yay! Just got a beautiful card from Eyewire HQ with very kind words from crew.

Thanks a lot! :relaxed:


Yay I’m so glad it arrived! Did you know that those “flowers” are actually synapses? The yellow dots are an automatic tagging AI developed in lab and the colorful bits are pieces of dendrites :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of how they look when not in bouquet form

There is actually a type of cell called a double bouquet cell but we haven’t found any..yet.