Reapgrowing on zfish


Hi Mystics:

We got a question about whether you can reapgrow zfish cells. After conferring with Ashwin, the verdict is that when MSTY is on, please avoid it, but if she's not working, reapgrowing is okay. It might be good to poke an admin first in order to confirm the bot's status before going ahead with anything, too. FYI!


300k's days! wooo! lol


Just to be sure, when you say "When mysti is on" you mean when she OK ? or when she is "ON" ? i know i know :sweat_smile:


Hi Kfay,

It means if MSTY is working, then please do not reapgrow. If MSTY is down (broken, not working, not tracing cubes when she should be), then you may reapgrow.



I am guessing this also mean we can reapgrow trough difficault areas, near dataset end and so on without first reaping seed only to not get the extra points.


I still will try to do this when msty is not broken, I think it's fairer to non mystics imho.


Yeah i really hope we are able to reapgrow in dataset end when large set of cubes are growing from difficult areas... cause without a freeze tool... :stuck_out_tongue:


and I hope we are not able or allowed to RG zfish during hh/vs. not fair to everyone else. Play (with msty) yes, rg no imo.