Odd-month marathons returning to "nighttime" for Western Hemisphere folks


Hey everyone,

Based on some feedback we've received about marathon timing, it sounds like there's a wish for more opportunities for folks on US Eastern or further-west time zones to play on the official marathon cell before it's finished. There would be problems guaranteeing a continuous stream of marathon cells and handling the naming process for them; but because Scythes now have certain cell launch/deorbit tools, and because from the current marathon onward we've made all marathons Scythe-controlled, HQ is confident we could return to periodically starting marathons at a different time than 8 AM.

What we're now planning to do is on odd-month (non-challenge-week) marathons, such as the January marathon, we'll have the start time be 8 PM instead. This will give folks in the middle/western parts of the Americas, and perhaps just across the Pacific, more chances to actually play on the official cell. Hopefully this is a decent solution! (And don't worry, we're still also thinking of other ways to spice marathons up.)


Oh nice, what if and/or all marathons are multi-cell with all cells finished withing 24hrs giving naming/sc bonuses as 1st cell? Thatd make it more exciting for everyone i think.


Unfortunately, as mentioned above, there would be problems guaranteeing that we could do that, mostly in terms of stockpiling a sufficient number of marathon-suitable cells, but also in terms of logistics for preparing voting forms and final naming posters, stuff like that. That's one of the main reasons we've gone with simply changing the launch time every other month instead. But we do know it would be nice to figure out a more interesting way to do marathons now that they're getting done so fast, so we're still brainstorming other ideas!


In theory we could start with one relic and one artifact at the same time, that would give you a much bigger list too choose cells from. Also the way i am thinking for naming you could have the same name on all cells with just some roman numbers behind or just choose the names that got most votes for first cell, second most for second cell etc.


Well, we need to make sure (despite this month's rather difficult cell) that the cells are basically Artifacts so that new players don't suffer too much and Scythes don't have to reap everything. That said, after some discussion earlier today and this evening, it sounds like we may try to aim for 2 cells per marathon starting next year, doing one right after the other. If both were completed in 24 hours then the first place vote would go to the first cell, and second place vote would go to the second cell. We still need to hammer out some more plans on our end, though, so let's not consider this an "official" policy until we announce the January marathon. :wink:


Have I told y'all that you all are awesome lately? If not, Y'ALL ARE AWESOME!!!


What she said, lol. :slight_smile:


sounds like that will make the marathon last a lot longer so everyone get their chance on it :grin:


In case anyone is still following this thread: http://bit.ly/2DyISy8


Had a couple marathon-related ideas.

  1. Unless i missed it in the blog post it's not very clear what happens on sc's of 2nd cell, do they count as 10k like cell 1 or normal 5k? So my idea on this is what if they are treated like evil cubes? Like in evil cubes the set with the best accuracy counts what if the cell with the most sc's (per scythe) counts?

  2. Marathon week. 7 days, how many cells can we do? lol


Hi Nseraf,

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  1. Two marathon cells will count the same as scythe-completing two separate marathon cells on Eyewire. This is to allow all scythes to have a chance at a scythe-complete bonus during the marathon. You guys are already so awesome at checking/sharing scythe-completes to ensure that each scythe gets their scythe-complete bonuses!

  2. Highly unlikely, but I'll be sure to let you know when I have 20+ Level 1 cells available for a marathon week :stuck_out_tongue:
    Instead, I think we can be content with our monthly cell completion counts! And certainly weeks when bipolar fields are completed may always have a higher cell completion count.



lol, dont have to be lv1 cell can be a lv2 but tagged as lv1 for all to play :stuck_out_tongue:

but ty for the reply :slight_smile: