New 3D meshes and EM stack assets


Hey everyone,

In light of the recent awesome renders you all created from Neo data, we've made available a new pair of meshes and a stack of EM data centered around a synapse between them available in this folder:

The axon of the pyramidal neuron (#107...) is pre-synaptic to the (we think) Martinotti cell (#580..).

58045989: (maybe) Martinotti cell (post-synaptic, yellow below)
107860456: Pyramidal neuron (presynaptic, blue below)

The EM stack comes from these coordinates within the larger dataset, in case this is helpful in orienting it.

<26370, 15264, 864>
<26370, 15264, 995>

I positioned the stack so that the best view of the main synapse is centered in the middle at <26370, 15264, 929>. This gif show the synapse at different angles.

These cells are from a test dataset that is 40% of 1/1,000th the volume of Neo.