In Memoriam: Susi

Eyewire had lost a great and beautiful person.

Susi was always kind to me, and was a wonderful personality to be around. She was always warm and nice the entire ~5 years I’ve wired along with her. I hope wherever she may be now, that the kindness she’s shown in life is reciprocated in full.

I’ll miss you susi.

About 4 years ago she had given me this as a gift for my first million. I had never forgotten it. It was a small gesture, but it was so sweet.<3


For the last weeks I often looked out for susi. She was such a constant part in Eyewire!
But she´ll never be seen there anymore.
Many players before expressed, what susi was for them – and I like to subscribe!

I´m glad that I received my first million in March 2020 and got a nice collage from her!

As an expression for that, what susi meant to me, I made – “puzzled” – a special “susi badge”.
I got the feeling, that susi liked much those small pictures. It would be worth to copy her achievements into this memoriam. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the text on my “susi badge” I preferred German. (Sorry.)
Sometimes I appreciated it to ask her questions in German, when I was unsure about some English statements or difficult subjects.
In our last chat this summer we talked about previous voyages and fantastic colours. That´s why I´ve chosen the main picture.

I hope, the EW community will preserve this spirit, for which susi stands for. It´s worth!
In my opinion, this would be the best memento of susi!!


I have been an off-and-on part of eyewire for about 5 years. Every time I come back, I have always seen susi in chat or scything cubes at the speed of light and never felt afraid to just link cubes into /gm scouts and ask her to help out. Even though she could be helping out with mystics or dealing with mergers in level 2, she always helped out with traces that were probably only of medium difficulty at most. And it wasn’t just me she did this for; everyone who asked for help had it. She fostered a culture of instant acceptance and kindness in what could be a very daunting community to get started in. I remember her boosting the confidence of non-native English speakers by speaking in German to them (Fritzchen! I miss you!) or just being a beacon of friendship for everyone.
Her spirit will be remembered by many.