Ideas for millionare badges theme?


This is a great idea!

The Eyewirer idea of Neuron Journey is great. There are so many intriguing structures in the brain!

So coming as soon as we can write the descriptions is a journey through the visual nervous system.

I went through systems of the senses. I suppose you’ll see the first 90 whenever Nik checks back in but since you are the creators here are a few of the otherworldly icons that are actually inspired by real neuroscience structures! Daniela made some new colors :slight_smile:

Each one is a piece of a sensory pathway.





@susi @hawaiisunfun @annkri if it’s ok I would also love to give you each a game design badge. I mean the neuron journey is beautiful and your idea!


Wow on the badges! These are beautiful, impressive, and I’m just in awe (I mean, I can’t even believe how much in awe I’d be in the journey itself, like at least 2x more!). I really like the neuron-themed badges, just seems more natural for some reason, but educational too (I’m already learning!). It just provides a level of understanding of the big picture beyond what the game provides currently

@amy yes, I’ve been waiting a long time for a badge like that!

Can’t wait to see the neural journey unfold. Luckily I don’t need my notebook, everything’s there in the profile!


I like the batches very much :slight_smile:


Looks like some fine badges, i am very curious what kind of cells are the inspiration behind the second and third badge


Glad to hear!

The second one is a part of the auditory system called the Organ of Corti or Utricle. It relays from the semicuricular canals to the vestibulococclear nerve deeper in the brain.

The third one (pink and purple) is actually cones in the retina.


I was just wondering when we get our game badges? They’d be nice to show, but I don’t see them in any profiles yet.


Probably at the same time that the badges are released, which we expect to be around the holiday competition :slight_smile:


Thank you for working on them so quickly