Help! What is this?


If this happens, is the accuracy of the player that traced the cube negatively affected?


Unfortunately yes, but it's only 1 cube in 60 so less of a damage and should go out of the 60 roll faster.


Twister did a test and found that seed removal doesnt affect player accurcies. However anything a person adds to a bad seed will affect their accuracy.


Hey - question, WHY in world is my accuracy 0% on this?
It shows no missing parts, no incorrect parts - only correct parts.
I trailblaized it and got immediately 0% accuracy.
This hapened several times and really brought down my accuracy, which is annoying.
Is this something I'm doing wrong? Can I fix it?
Is the browser important in this matter? (It's Firefox 58.0.2 btw)
Or do I just have to live with these inexplainable random 0% accuracies?
Or did I miss something?

Thanks for help..


Hi Just_someone_curious,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this bug. Thank you for reporting! What is odd, is that I see in your screenshot previous trailblazes done by you are reporting correctly as a white dot with 100% accuracy. I'm not sure why this one showed up as a red dot with 0%. We're looking into the bug.



Okay, thank you!
At least I'm not the only one cunfused by this.. =D


It did it again..
This time it wasn't immediately.
Maybe it just displayes the trace of others wrong? Like, five poeple submitted it (very shortly after I did) and had a different trace?
Maybe it's actually 0% acccuracy, but it doesn't show as incorrect?
I don't know..



I am very new. 24 hours young.

I found this on a review. I just wondering if it is right, or all right. Thanks::slight_smile:

Another View:


Hi, welcome to ew! That looks like a merger, see how in the 2D in 1st pic the red are outside the borders of the green stuff? That's no good lol, it's what we call a merger. (do !merger in chat for more info on them).

Hope this helps.


Thank you Nseraf:

Being new, I did not want to jump in and assume that. Reading about mergers, that's what it looked like. I have had tracing reviews mark me wrong for not marking some of the same.

This is a great thing. A game that means something. I must remember to look up the forum maker, it's great also.

I am looking up mergers now. Thanks again.

03:32 am -- Followed WiKi directions and mailed Merger to support.

Thanks again. Keep up the great work! :smiley:


youre welcome :slight_smile:
you can also ask for merger assistance in chat :slight_smile:


CUBE #2868482 Theres a small piece at the end that the consensus got wrong, pretty sure. It's marked in red here. Note that my 2D is rotated axis. The AI probably missed it because of the one bright slide.

This is two questions, Am I right and are these tiny mistakes worth reporting? I imagine this would get found and corrected in some future stitching operation.


that's actually a piece previous ppl missed but you added, it's not a merger so your % in your profile should be ok, and report any mergers yeah but this is what we call dust so this missing doesn't need reporting but if you have anything large then feel free to report and someone should reap it in.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your clear answers.


So is this considered large or still dust? CUBE #2870377


it's not an "exact science" lol, but altho it's a large dust it is dust b/c it doesn't add to the shape of the neuron, here's a couple of examples of what usually is reaped in by scythes:

missing branch:

missing nub:

now, branches and nubs are not exactly "if it's this large add if not ignore" they can be smaller or larger but they add to the shape of the neuron if added.

Also that red in your cube is a merger, I've marked pic yellow for seed and red for additions, can you see the -faint- borders between them?

hope this helps.




artifact in slide probly.


Hi dudes, I think there is a mistake. Check it:
(Hola chicos, creo que hay un pequeño error. Echadle un ojo:)

Am I wrong or this red colored part have to be green?
(Estoy equivocado o la parte coloreada de rojo debe ser verde?)


indeed, someone missed the dust seg lol, you are right it belongs, but dust goes missing every cube lol and other than minute - in your accuracy it has little to no scientific value (you should add it when playing, it's just not as important to add after if missing for scythes) :slight_smile: