Gallery of amusements


That's some A+ photoshopping right there lol


I may be in trouble.


Ahahahha these are hilarious! Mind if we post on Eyewire Facebook?


Sure, go ahead!
I've been busy these days, but I'll get back and continue making stuff! :slight_smile:


Aaaand I've got more!
No, the green mermaid (the upper half) is not mine, I found the image on the internet. But she's friends with Ariel. Let me introduce you to Neuronia, the mermaid!


joke's old but i just couldn't resist :smiley:


Millions of years ago, neuron dinosaurs roamed the land.
No, I cannot photoshop. I can Paint 3D though.


awesome !


What's up, doc?


This is freakin' awesome!!!


inspired by:

randompersonjci(scouts) me during hh: 75% loading, 20% youtube, 4% others, 1% actual tracing



the definition of productiveness right here


Nice double (triple?) autapse I found. Kinda shaped like a talon.



Haha there's some A+ art in here, thanks for the laugh guys!



Woo great @KrzysztofKruk !
A Nurro for you !


I just call it ‘big cube’, looks more like a 10,000yr old tree!



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: truly similar