EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


thank you sir! :smiley:


I was thinking, what if accuracies 95%-100% were blue in activity tracker, tb-94.999999% green and below tb-0% red?

It'd better resemble profile accus I think?

Is that easy to do? What do others think abt it?


If you're talking about the EW Activity Tracker, the colors and thresholds are already there.
If you're talking about my Accuracy History, then sure, I can do it as an option.


yeah your version of it, not ew. thanks! :smiley:


Done :slight_smile:
In v.1.3 there's an option called "Quantize colors" (turned off by default). Turning it on will switch to the colors and thresholds known from the EW Accuracy Tracker. Well, actually, the colors are little bit dimmer, because all the bars are (and always were) darken a little bit. They were set to 0.7 of the original colors. Now I lighten it up a little bit (to 0.85). Otherwise the bars look little bit too bright and draw attenion from the game itself.


Thank you very much!! :smiley:


Brand new script - Cubes v. 1.0 (thanks @Nseraf for the idea!)

This script shows all duplicates, not reaped flags and scythe frozen cubes in a given cell.

Also, there's a tab to show cubes available to SC for us and the cubes we've SCed while they still have wt < 3.

The content of the first tab refreshes automatically with the heatmap.
Content of the 2nd and the 3rd tab refreshes only after clicking a tab.

Cubes in first tab has colors taken from user selected colors for appropriate cubes. Clicking on any cube on that tab will cause losing the white border by a cube (and it will probably be brought back after automatical refresh - I have to fix it)

Cubes in the second tab have the same color as 1SCed cubes and clicked cubes in that tab changes the color to 2SCed color.

Cubes in the third tab have the base color and clicked cubes have 3SCed (admin SCed) color.

After refreshing 2nd and 3rd tab the clicked status is gone.

Clicking on a cube in any tab will jump to that cube.
Hovering for a second will display a label with the cube id.
Ctrl+click will copy the id to the clipboard.

Script is available for Scouts and higher ranks.

Here's the link for the TamperMonkey version:


and the RawGit version (for EW addon feature - didn't that, if it works though):


The script is in a sort of alpha/beta version so there probably are some bugs.
If anyone has any idea, how to improve the script, feel free to share it here.

The idea I have to implement yet, is to add to the sc-info tab an information saying, how many cubes we've already SCed and how many cubes there still is (so, something very similar to the original sc-info command, just presented in a different form).

The hardest part of doing the script was finding a place for it in the already crowded UI :smiley:


I luve you xD amazing! ty! :smiley:

EDIT: can you make it that it ignores low-wt sc'ed cubes that are admin frozen? no point in checking cb cubes to unsc them lol

ty again!


Cubes v. 1.1

FIXED the problem, where clicked cubes in the Main tab were loosing their black borders
FIXED admin frozen cubes showing in the low-wt-sc tab
ADDED a label to the sc-info tab, showing, how many cubes we have already SCed and how many we still can. The label is visible after hovering the tab for a second or so. The values are refreshed after clicking the tab.



FIXED incorrect value of SCed cubes shown in the title of the sc-info tab (it was +1 from the actual result)
FIXED the problem, that when there were only flagged-then-reaped cubes in a cell, the Main tab was empty (without neither cubes nor the empty message)
FIXED - after changing cell, the Main tab is now automatically selected
+ some minor changes in the code


hi Kruk

i still have no Profile History since June 24.

Tried to activate from new out from TM/ in EW deactivated, and also from only EW/ TM deactivated. Didn't help.
Should i contact EW for that?


Hi @susi

Sorry for that. I remember about that problem, but still don't know, why it doesn't work for you. I was researching it, but couldn't find a reason for that. I was thinking, that maybe the ewstats.feedia.co domain (used for collecting and providing the data) is blocked in Switzerland, but according to various testing websites, it should work there. I'm starting to think, that maybe you have some firewall or an antivirus installed blocking that domain, or your Internet provider blocks it. Or maybe my server block your IP or maybe something completely different.
EW probably won't help, because the problem is somewhere on the line between your computer and the server collecting the data, but I'll still be investigating that and maybe I'll finally find the reason. Sorry again.


a couple of questions/maybe bugs relating to your version of EWDLC:

  1. sometimes either when i rfr or open browser the tabs dont appear, but the rest of the script obviously is working bc i have other things attached to it like /low-wt or the cell id jump in scouts' bar, and i have to refresh a few times before they re-appear. Idk why.

  2. on the markup why does it do this:
    with some of the chat comments?

when i tried copy pasting that line into the input field (where we write) it had:

i only selected 1 line lol


ad. 1. It happens to me too, when I open the browser (Chrome). However, for me, usually the Accuracy History and Custom Highlight doesn't work. I guess, it happens because Chrome restores content of tabs from before the closing, but doesn't load (some) scripts which are loaded via an addon. Didn't happen to me to have some scripts missing after refreshing. But will check, if there's a possibility to force loading the scripts.

ad. 2. It happens, because some people use two dashes (--) instead of one. The markup part of the script recognizes it as the tag starting the cursive (<i>) and replaces the dashes with the tag. The closing tag (</i>) isn't needed, because it's automatically added by the browser (well, according the specs, the tag is needed, but is added by all browsers anyway, if it isn't present). So, only such syntax should italicize text: "--text--" but, in practice, "--text" is enough. And, because the 2 dashes were replaced with the tag and selecting and copying a text only copies the text, not the markup, so after pasting such selection, only the text chars are visible.

  1. great thanks!
  2. oooh ok lol



thanks :slight_smile:


lol, i think where you placed the script is perfect!! i like how it shortened the leaderboard, even if i have to scroll for the bottom more, and it fits nicely there, lol. and maybe it allows for potentially more space for future stuff lol


Yeah, I was planning, at first, to put it on the left side, under the Start Playing panel, but then found out, that on smaller resolutions it would collide with the chat. So I was thinking about the top and bottom bars but they are also already full on smaller res. So, the next step was some popup on click, but it would lead to a) finding a place for the popup showing button, b) finding a place for the popup, lol. And only then I realize, that I can make some changes in the already existing UI. After that realization, I saw the big Leaderboard, which is scrollable anyway and I knew, where I will put the script. And also on smaller screens both the script and the Leaderboard should be nicely visible. :slight_smile:
And yes, if there'll be some good ideas for yet another script, I think, I can fit there something more. :smiley:


can you make it that stashed flagged cubes dissappear after they stash? i dont think there's much point in reaping a cube that's stashed lol. (and re-appear in which ever cell's "cubes" they unstash to)?



Should be fixed in 1.1.2.


great, tyvm! :smiley: