EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Works for me, lol.
Please, check the whole list - cells are ordered by cell ID, so the newly traced cells not always will be at the top of the list.


EWDLC (KK) v. 1.3.4

FIXED the button to the left of Enter Cell at the bottom was a little too bright (thanks @randompersonjci for the report).
FIXED possibility to add HTML tags to the chat (@randompersonjci - there was a way to execute any JS code after all)


FIXED single chars, which are normally used in the tags, weren't displayed (e.g. in "white-red" phrase, the hyphen between the words wasn't displayed, because it was part of the striketrough syntax: --stroke text--).

Accuracy History v. 1.2.1
FIXED floating labels, which weren't displayed.


FIXED last chars weren't displayed, if they were one of those used in tags, but weren't part of any tag (e.g. in test* the asterisk wasn't displayed).
FIXED /low-wt doesn't work
FIXED moved the char counter to the bottom right corner of the input field, as it was before

Thanks @randompersonjci for reporting all the bugs fixed above.


Small fixes for EWDLC (KK) (same version, changes just in the CSS - Ctrl+F5 to apply changes) - tabs (and the whole chat) moved slightly to the top (they were touching the bottom bar, which didn't look good) and the char counter moved slightly to the right.

Also small changes to Profile History (the same, only CSS has been changed) to make it work correctly on smaller resolutions.

Reports and fixes thanks to @randompersonjci



ADDED Scythe Frozen color to the Color Picker
FIXED the Color Picker panel being hidden behind the new top bar

Also, @randompersonjci, I think, the char counter looks better the way it is. It is less over the text in the input field, than with "left" set to 0.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to add the ability to change the Built-in Highlight color, because it's hardcoded in omni.js


Profile History v. 1.0.5

FIXED the Achievements tab for smaller resolutions (@randompersonjci not sure, for what was the padding-right for #badgeCategories, but removing it did the job)
ADDED a small treat for the Spawner from @Nseraf :wink:


OMG LOOOL! xD thanks! lol


Accuracy History
SHIFTED the container slightly to the left to not cover longer usernames.

Profile History
FIXED the problem, where on smaller resolutions other people's profiles were unnecessary high.


Profile History
various CSS fixes (by @randompersonjci)


Idk how easy would be but:

  1. a way to mesh/unmesh a cell locally for "me". There's times when while the ov. loads I see stuff like dupes or scout flags which then are easy to pick/select, then ov loads and i have to "search" for those things, which may be easy (large) or tougher (smaller/corner stuff). If I had to keep ov unmeshed I could just simply select the "cubes", inspect, reap, log etc, then click option and allow ov to mesh (for me).

  2. in achievements tab in profile, would it be easy to make them from a single line where you have to scroll left right (clumsily (controls)) in a grid with if required up/down scroll?


  1. I currently have no idea, how to do such thing, so won't implement until find a way.

  2. Done (Ctrl+F5 to refersh CSS)

EWDLC (KK) v.1.4

ADDED optional displaying of players' connection statuses' changes (disabled by default, because it can be quite spammy sometimes) - № 5 from https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-oGg5fNL_T0Z4SBrPox0cOk1TMaseSajSZ0Q-jVDJrs/edit#gid=0


great awesomesauce! thanks! :smiley:


this is so infinitely better than single line xD :smiley:


I like the connect/disconnect events! :smiley: but can you make them not appear in groups like points dont, please?


Sure, I'll try :slight_smile:

Should be fixed in v. 1.4.1


thank you sir! :smiley:


I was thinking, what if accuracies 95%-100% were blue in activity tracker, tb-94.999999% green and below tb-0% red?

It'd better resemble profile accus I think?

Is that easy to do? What do others think abt it?


If you're talking about the EW Activity Tracker, the colors and thresholds are already there.
If you're talking about my Accuracy History, then sure, I can do it as an option.


yeah your version of it, not ew. thanks! :smiley:


Done :slight_smile:
In v.1.3 there's an option called "Quantize colors" (turned off by default). Turning it on will switch to the colors and thresholds known from the EW Accuracy Tracker. Well, actually, the colors are little bit dimmer, because all the bars are (and always were) darken a little bit. They were set to 0.7 of the original colors. Now I lighten it up a little bit (to 0.85). Otherwise the bars look little bit too bright and draw attenion from the game itself.