EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


wooooo ty! :smiley:


I was wondering if it'd be feasible to "make"/filter the accuracy test page mystics have to show specific things, like "all cubes with accuracy less than 90%" and/or if possible to stop it showing reaped cubes (in any cell).

If that's not possible, would it be possible to create a Scouts' log-like page with such accuracy filters?


If you're talking about this page: https://eyewire.org/test-pages/accuracy/index.html?difficulty=1 then it should be possible to hide all rows which have accuracy higher then 90% or NaN. Don't see any way to differentiate, which cubes were reaped.
But maybe you're talking about some different page, I don't know about, lol.


yes that page lol. used to be that reaped cubes did not appear there, but then after the activity tracker that changed (HQ's not yours) and I made a sad lol.

By hide you mean not show therefore show less than 60 cubes or not show as in show previous cubes? I like the latter lol. I suppose if all 95%-100% + NaN cubes could be removed from it it'll be an improvement, for now. lol


Unfortunately, hiding some cubes, won't show others, so the list would just be shorter/non-existent. I have no way, to get more cubes from the server, so I can't refill the list.


ah, oh well lol.


I can say as an admin that I would LOVE this feature and have wanted it since... well, probably as long as I've been doing any reaping on Eyewire. Didn't realize this was an issue beyond me though lol.


Lol I have wanted it since 2013 (when i became a scout) xD great minds lol


Utilities 1.6

ADDED abilitity to block positioning, rotation and zooming of overview when you pan, rotate or zoom a cube while you're inside it. By default the option ("Don't rotate OV while in cube") is turned off.


oh man, that's great! :smiley: ty!


Thanks for thinking about these @Kfay. We're open to altering the icons; however, they will need to fit the style of Eyewire.

Icons have outlines only (no fill) and should be as minimal as possible. Icons are flat with continuous path, so if two elements of an icon intersect, there is no gap.

You can use this .ai file with the grid we use for icons here, which should help you in creating your own: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RUayYVThAq8EJ1z8ftEVdUdVr_VN0jDI

Our complete folder of icons can be found at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3kV2fQEMUoKWVliVjBfLXprYVk Not all of these are used but it'll give you a sense of matching up with Eyewire


I've pushed a possible fix for the 2nd one. Not sure, if it'll work or not, lol.

Also, new version of Profile History has hidden grid lines, which were almost invisible anyway, but when one looked closely, there was a mess of two grids over each other.


Small update for Statistics (ver. 3.2)
Usernames in the TOP 100 list are now clickable and show the profile popup of the selected person (thanks @crazyman4865 for the code, I borrowed from your script, lol).

For other changes (like faster working or TOP 100 results) I'm waiting for @kelv, until he finds some time to check, what's wrong with the new API for stats (there is no info about # of cubes or tbs for some months at the beginning of the EW).


oh nicee!! and I'm not 100% sure yet but i think fix worked :smiley: ty!


Can there be an option for spacebar to also "save" a new entry, please?


That should be doable... sometime... in the future, lol.


Smallest possible (1 letter, lol), but quite important update for Custom Highlight - fixed a regression, causing that cubes already highlighted weren't re-highlighted after either the page was refreshed or one has changed cell.

QUESTION: Do any of you use (in any way) zfish cells from the SC History? (SC History = the panel visible, when right-clicked on username). If not, I might get rid of those and make the list a little bit shorter and clearer.


I do lol some, but how do you mean "use" zfish cell from sc history? like click jump to them, or use the list to see/know how many cubes I/we sc'ed on a perticular zfish cell? I do mostly the latter.


ANY way, lol. I would remove that only if that was completely useless, but if you're using it, that's fine, I leave it as it is. :slight_smile: Just thought, that since there are no bonuses for 50/100 SCs in those cells, they might not be needed there. But, after a little thinking, the list could be used not only for tracing SCs, but to see, which cells we were doing.
I'm working on fixing the problem with the cubes stashed, but still counted, so I could do additional cleaning, if needed. Now I see, cleaning not needed :smiley:


Update for SC History (ver 1.1)

Now the counting doesn't happen after each SC/unSC, but at the moment, the SC window is opened. It saves a lot of requests to the EW server (after each SC there was a request) and (hopefully) makes the count number always up to date, even when a cube or branch (or cell) was stashed or nuked by an admin.
Only the cells, that don't have status "Completed" are checked (if a cell haven't this status set, but now it's completed, the count is updated, then the status is also updated).

More visible change is that the "Search for completed cells" button is now removed. Cells are now checked every time the SC window is opened.
So now, each time you open the SC window, there will be a couple of blinks in various table cells (each blink means, that field was updated). That also means, that there will be a dozen or so requests to EW server each time the window is opened, but that probably will be much less requests overall, than before.

ver 1.1.1
FIXED undefined as a cell id for new cells