Digging into the Dig, the eyewire Cell Registry


Updated the Cell Registry.


Updated the Cell Registry. 27/2/2018.


charts also updated


Thanks for the updates guys!


Umm, I think I found error, Relic 10.63 is cell id 79597, but in the cell registry, it is 79595.
Is it error or...?


all fixed :slight_smile:


Ooh great! I am glad I found out!


3/23 12:46 pm
Up to date by me!


Alright! Updated again! (It seems like I'm only doing this job. . .)


Nothing is updated if I don't update it lol :stuck_out_tongue: (in terms of new cells/cube counts, cell descriptions and so on lol)

But thanks for the work you're putting in maintaining it :slight_smile:

speaking of which I'll update it when i get back home.


OOh that's why it hasn't been updated for while... heheh :dizzy_face:


updated it.


A really hard and long work ! Congrats and thanks to all contributors :slight_smile:


New link to the EW Registry, old link won't work anymore, reshared it to the ppl who had it before.


Updated it.


my diagrams are also updated


updated it.


Updated it, also re-updated some previous cells from 76k-79k range i found some mistakes in.


why do some cells have 0 or 1 for a cell size? Are there 0 to 1 cubes in it? How do those work?


You’re probably referring to zfish dupe cells. Ashwin grabs cells from synapses instead of CBs like in ew, so if he creates 60 “cells” some may end up being boutons/synapses of the cell overall cell, so they are frozen and remain at 0 or 1.

That or there are nontraced cells in ew yet which might have 1 cubes in yet.