Community Building ideas


Hi all!

I've been kinda brainstorming ideas on how we might be able to make chat more active, I don't think anyone will argue that it has become rather quiet of late.

One of the things I came up with so far is to have a random trivia half hour once or twice a week (or however often). The idea would be to have players submit 15 questions and answers on a specific topic of their choosing, and at some random unannounced time, using the bot, there's a 30 min long mini trivia session using those questions. Could even have a chat announcement that says which player put in the questions. "Grim's mini-trivia brought to you by eyewirerer _________"

But since it is the idea to stimulate chat activity, it would be nice if all players had to answer in gen chat, AND set it so that everyone who gets a correct answer gets 100 pts. At most a player would be able to get 1500 pts, and I don't think that is enough to really make or break daily points.

I know that this would be additional work, and that's not fair to ask of the admins, so i'd like to propose another player role, Community or Player liaison. Their job would be to facilitate discussion amongst the community and make suggestions to the GMs on ways to grow and engage the player base, for example like checking and entering in questions for mini trivia. :slight_smile:

Anywho, I've started this thread so if anyone else has ideas on how to engage the community then please put them here!


Perhaps it could help if some of the featured eyewirers post was linked from front page of eyewire so new players would see why too play eyewire. Would of course have to get permission from each featured player



I love these ideas and this proposed new position! Iā€™m currently in abroad for a big citizen science conference and return Feb 15 - we will discuss how to bring this to fruition when I get back! I bet the GMs may come up with ideas in the meantime :slight_smile:



I like these ideas! Would the player liasson have any additional "Duties" in your mind aside from the aforementioned ones? Perhaps have duty to transfer... tension between players to HQ as well, as maybe "state of the playership" (what are the matters the players feeling very positive/negative towards etc)?

How about random day and hour spontaneous vs's and/or HH's? Weekly or less frequent (but not less frequent than monthly imo)?

Maybe these spontaneous vs's can be player themed/named as well? like that it doesn't add any more work load to daniela/gms in making artwork for the vs. Something can be given by the player who thought the vs's name and/or found from royalty free-internet sites or created by players somehow if they have the know-how. :slight_smile:

How about in the nighttime marathons some of them can be a combo between marathon and vs, I mean 2 cells 1 for each team, if/when a team finishes their cell before the other team then both teams go on to finish the other cell combined? Maybe it'll inspire some community/chat build up?

How about there can be a sort of marathon week? What I mean is admins decide on a random week in the month and declare "all cells finished within this week will be considered as "marathons""? without the marathon tags etc normal lv1/2/fort cells but give (cube/sc) bonuses etc as per marathons, maybe with/out the naming the cells bit (less logistic nightmare for the GMs, altho maybe a player liaison could also help facilitate those things? (namings etc) I think having this in a random week every...5-6 months or so would be nice . I think it could inspire people to play/chat more and who doesn't like gigantic bonuses, lol! Maybe since there'd be lv2's in the mix (and forts) it could also inspire (more) ppl to pass the lv2 tuts/get promos to scout > scythe (to have fort access in next such event).

I don't think there'd be such a huge need for new cells during such a week as scythes can't be active 24/7 lol and things would maybe get completed a bit faster than usual, but not overly so that admin(s) creating new cells would lose much sleep over it, what with no hidden cells (everyone in 1 cell) and being a week long event scythes would have to do other stuff as well (cant put off work/social life etc for 7 days lol), but I think no mystic during that week would be a given to have scythes concentrate on ew cells instead.

I like ann's idea abt the featured ewe'ers on landing page as links, get people engaged and "hmm so these are ppl from all over the world playing this game? " and so on.

This may sound silly but what if an admin (dif one per time) and in dif day/hour each time started a convo in chat about a specific subject in a field of science, philosophy, tech, social, maybe even politics and so on, maybe player liaisons can gather possible subjects from people and pass them on to HQ, maybe admins can also choose from subjects they want/think can stimulate community/chat bonding/increase.

something like an "intellectual night" with admin(s) participating and arbitrating the convo for as long as it lasts, and who knows maybe convo will veer off the start subject and continue in other subjects as well. I think that even with -maybe- somewhat subjects discussed people will not get nasty in ew, especially with 1 or more admins active in the convo.

I'll try to think on more ideas :slight_smile:


I love this, and we could perhaps also gently encourage more players to submit featured eyewirer forms as well. There are several long term players who are not promoted that we may be able to talk into completing a form.

Both of the things you mentioned are already managed by the GMs. I don't think players who are on equal standing should really try to mitigate tensions between players, that sounds like a recipe for issues. That being said, a player liaison may be able to help bring things to the GMs attention a little sooner than they would otherwise notice. Which would enable them to get a handle on things before they blow up.

We did that during a week long competition once, and it wound up not working out very well. It was two halves of the same cell, and the division was good, the halves were even. But it was a complete blowout one half was done super fast and the other half took nearly twice the time. Once the one half was done, a lot of ppl lost any motivation to do the 2nd half.

I love this! Would definitely like to see more interaction with golden ones but I doubt it is realistic given how busy they are :slight_frown:


i like this idea but think the teams would have to be randomly assigned, and also think the loser team should still get the chance to finish their cell in 24h while the winner team could play on normal cells in the meantime. as for points it could be perhaps half of normal marathon points for individual cube count but with a point bonus to the winner team/and for second team finishing cell in 24 h

This could be something perhaps two player liassons could do together then you would already have two participants in the discussion. But think i would be a bit careful about political discussions since they tend to end in mod chat. Would of course be nice if the admins also could do this sometimes.

i am all for a marathon week but think perhaps not princeton would be to pleased about not getting any zfish cell that week. the reason we started this discussion was after all because we need more mystics.


Yeah, sorry lol wrong wording there. That's what I meant more or less :slight_smile: not that the liasson players would mediate/solve differences between other players but rather:

player 1 pm to Liasson: hey ive been having issues with could you please transfer it to the admins?
Liasson player pm to P1: sure
transfers to admins then admins deal with it as they must.


no p1 involved, but : Liasson player to admins: it may be my idea but i think player 1 and 2 are having tensions: admins: ty for notifying us, we'll keep an eye out for anything tense between the 2 players and act accordingly.

and i know players can directly either by pm or by email contact the admins but maybe some players wouldnt/wont/dont b/c of personality and/or shyness etc and talking to a friend in chat in pm would be easier etc. :slight_smile:


We're planning to start up a quarterly barometer of player sentiment - it was recommended by a management consultant who was brought in after we received some harrowing feedback about Eyewire leadership. What kind of questions would you suggest we ask? We have some in mind but I'd like to include your ideas.

Love the idea of spontaneous and player-create versus competitions. We'll have a could illustration interns this summer and I was thinking some of their projects could be to create art for versuses from the Eyewirers. We could invite players to write the competition blog and/or choose the competition time (not required, just option). What do you all think about that?

Re: science chat, I love that! Sometimes cool new neuro research is met with silence in chat and it's pretty discouraging. Perhaps having a scheduled time would be good to let people expect it.

Loooove Intellectual Night! We used to do Idea Happy Hour back when I ran TEDx events, no reason we couldn't do something like that for Eyewire.

Competitive Marathon..interesting! That could be fun! Loving these ideas!


I like this a lot, i think it is a good idea and can help HQ to get a feel of what/how the players feel before it reaches "dangerous" levels and help guide future decisions so that what happened in the past does not happen again, we all want ew and its amazing community to thrive after all :slight_smile:

I need to think on it some, it's 1:30 am right now lol but on a "first glance" i'd say it probably has to include a few different fields of inquiry. probably ranging from "what did you think of the new features since last quarterly barometer" (more detailed than this hah), if there are any grievances or complaints or "what could have been handled differently" to gms/leadership/dev etc to what do you like most/least in ew/artwork/design choices/ UI/ etc. I can work on a few more specific questions if you want within the weekend and email them to you/support.

I love the idea of player written blog post(s) for player-named/themed vs's, maybe acompanied by a "guest blogger" badge or something for the person who had the vs name/theme idea and subsequent blog post? so player can write the blog post, send it within a predetermined time frame to hq email, hq edits/etc and posts player gets badge.

maybe it can be more than neuroscience news, i mean ew is a neuroscience game, but science is a lot bigger than one subject, so maybe different dates/days can have dif. subjects so that ppl who might be interested in dif. areas of science can find it interesting and chat and who knows in a lively convo one subject can bring about another and another and thus from silent the chat becomes "noisy" (in a good way).

oh idea happy hour sounds nice!


Love the thought of idea happy hour! But I will unashamedly beg to make sure the times and days of it are varied. :joy_cat: If it's at the same day/time every time it happens, a lot of players will miss out. :crying_cat_face:


would need some work, but what if you get new features (player scripts, new colours etc) when reaching certain badges so you have something more than badges as a goal. but a new element that makes the game "new" and exciting again


What if we made a "brag board" thread in the forum? Where ppl can share non-eyewire related things that have made them happy or excited in their worlds. For example, graduated school, or got a pet, or my kid colored this awesome picture and wanted to share, or some of the crafts we do. It would ofc have to be safe for work. But it might help us connect more?


oh I like that!