3D Neuron Renders


Thanks ^^ vue gets its sweet time but produces some incredble results. :smiley:


lol we all know zfish/neo neurons are and will be larger than ew ones but I don't think anyone's had a visual comparison of how large. So image below is a screenshot from the software I made animation with and software I'm making a 30k, 50k aaaaaaaand 100k renders in (30k and 50k are ew neurons, 100k is neo neurons) :smiley: i have not decreaased or increased size of the neurons, they are as imported which means they are as exported from OMNI or whatever other software ew/princeton labs are storing and manipulating them in, which means that unless they change size after they are sized from dataset (I hope this lengthly and convoluted description makes sense lol! :stuck_out_tongue: :D)


Awesome ! Didn't know we were able to download obj from museum :slight_smile:
This tall difference is just crazy :dizzy_face: So when we watch at a Neo nub, it's kinda a EW cellbody !


kinda but not exactly lol


Here's my large (huge) renders, 30k+50k ew cells, 10k, 30k, 50k neo cells, I had to abandon the 100k render because although it's rendered, it doesn't export/save from photoshop or it exports a 22gb file which is not really usable...by anyone and I am not pleased with render image alone so I downgraded it to 50k and all good lol.

Warning: download the large image files to your pc, don't try to view them from browser, in your pc depending on specs it might take some time to load the image(s) and/or it might cause temp freeze. After it loads try zooming in and enjoy! lol

The 1980 version should be easy to view from browser and/or pc and assuming anyone likes these, can be used for desktop background.
Render info:

32000 x 10000

516 cells in total: Starbursts and Bipolar cells.
56M polys. (+smoothing)

516 cells in total: Starbursts and Bipolar cells.
72M polys. (+smoothing)

300dpi neo neurons
50M polys (+smoothing)

30k neo render
50M polys (+smoothing)

50k neo render
50M polys (+smoothing)


Hope you guys like! :smiley:


And a visual of how Bps+SBs cells are in the dataset (and what you're seeing in the renders.)

(screenshots from eyewire museum)


nice, but having some trouble with loading the pictures on my computer


ty, Why i created the smaller sized ones, lol. try the 30k one (or 10k) and leave it to load lol don't try to do anything else at the same time and try closing chrome if opened, give computer extra resources. :slight_smile:


awesome :slight_smile:
Had no problems downloading 4 of them, but made error when downloading 50k neo render: "file-format is probably not supported". No problems with 50k render 1980.
The colors could be a bit more colorful ? :slight_smile:


what you mean with boutons? CB-s seen in pic ??


BPs have a stalk ending in lots of boutons. 30k image has the stalks, 50k has the boutons (lost in all the dendrites and synapses lol)


weird, try again? I re-saved it, maybe something went opsy during save from photoshop, it opens ok to me now. :slight_smile:


tried again, same error. Perhaps width as compared to height?


no, lol it hasn't uploaded yet lol give it time lolit's 16% upload, now. lol


it has downloaded 280822 kb every time i tryed. When opening i see shortly pic, and then comes error-info.
Lol this error comes from a windows-10-program i do not know (opens automatically since last update). Opening in Photopaint ok :slight_smile:


oh ok then the default windows software may be having a problem handling the huge resolution of the image lol, have fun zooming in! lol


Good renders @Nseraf ! But geez why using 600dpi ? :hushed: 300 is way too much for this kind of render and you should downgrade dpi for jpg renders like 72dpi for screen purpose. I downgraded one from 500Mo to 128Mo :wink: Better for most of EW users i think.

Anyway thanks, good render here :slight_smile: Thanks for your effort man.


oh I just wanted to go completely over the top lol, also 30k/50k is higher than 12k, I didn't want to take any chances at such high resolutions lol and have it come out pixelated at extreme zoom and have to rerender lol. and thanks :slight_smile:


Super mega massive renders of such complex teeny tiny cells! Thanks for making these!


did some re-organising so here's a new link to the huge renders, previous links won't work anymore.