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Stay At Home Games: Fan Art Challenge

“Creatures” fan art by Eyewirer susi Need a break from all the Eyewire you’ve been playing now that you’re at home every day? Why not use that time to make Eyewire fan art! We’ve seen what Eyewire artists can do in t…

5 April 8, 2020
Stay At Home Games: Calling all Home Hobbyists!

Have you recently found yourself with some more time on your hands? Perhaps your commute to the office has been slightly shortened (we know it can still be hard to roll over and turn on that laptop screen, but you can …

10 April 8, 2020
Stay At Home Games: Pets of Eyewire

If you’ve gotta be home all day, at least you can cuddle up with a fuzzy friend. Animals often make the best coworkers and co-conspirators, so show us what yours have been up to! Even if you don’t have what some would…

6 April 8, 2020
Stay At Home Games: Delicious Distance Cooking Challenge!

Are you an amateur chef who has recently become a professional amateur chef? Then this is the challenge for you! Whether you’ve suddenly found yourself cooking up every meal for your hungry family (or better yet, cook…

6 April 8, 2020
Stay At Home Games: Show off your Isolation Station!

We know our Eyewire players like a bit of friendly competition, so join in as we play the Stay At Home Games! As long as you’re hanging out at home, you might as well do it with style! We want to see your command stat…

3 April 3, 2020
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