Feature Requests

Player Profile Title (2)
Older cubes with corrected trace (6)
Redo actions (2)
Except private (/pm) messages and bot's replies from silence mode (2)
Hourly and Yearly Leaderboard and Offline/Online (4)
Better visualization of the orientation between the two view (2)
Integrating Scout's Log Into EW (4)
Request for plaintext statistics (19)
Chat Features (3)
Teams or alliances between players (6)
아이와이어 게임 기능에 관한 제안이나 의견 (한글 포스팅, suggestions/comments about features in EyeWire) (9)
Refreshing Overview (4)
아이와이어 개척에 대하여 말씀드릴꺠있습니다 (4)
아이와이어 왜하는지 모르겠는 사람들이 있습니다 (4)
Submit Button Location (3)
Click and hold to center point in 3D (1)
Adding marks to image and other annotations? (11)
Contrasting cursor in 2D view (2)
Is Eyewire something that could be played on a smartphone? (3)
Offline Updates (6)
A More Helpful Overview (4)
Additional Chat functions (10)
Suggestions for when points are redone (3)
Reslice images in different orientation (9)
Eyewire chrome app (4)
Loading Screen or Bar (3)
Scoring issue (7)
2D Panning (4)
Box fill (4)
Scythe complete add-on (6)